Here's to the Dads...

Here’s to the Dads

To the twirlers, the giggle-makers, the snugglers, and the ride-givers.

To the secret-tellers, the chasers, the flower-givers, and the protectors.

Here’s to each one of you.

Well done.

Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, guys. ❤️

It's my birthday!!! EEEEEK!!!

Guys. It’s my birthday. 🎉🎉🎉

And it’s not just any birthday… it’s the big THREE-NINE. And (please feel free to begin rolling on the floor laughing right now) I’m freaking out a little.


Hahaha, I know. Those of you who are already in your 40’s and beyond are like, “GIRL! Your 40’s are amazing! You will come into your own and LOVE how you feel about your life.” I know. Thank you. I’ve heard.

But… I don’t know… I guess it’s just that 40 is RIGHT THERE. I can touch it. My “young years” are waning faster than a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos in a room full of middle schoolers. I. Am. Thirty nine. Mom-ing it up in my white Honda Odyssey, feeling ever-so-25 yet feigning surprise at my mom’s reflection every time I pass a shop window. The final chapter of my youth is upon me, and no amount of fast-acting retinol cream can slow this train down.

So it’s time to make peace with this thing called age. Time to do the work. Time to practice gratefulness and focus on a few things that matter more than my fear of growing older. I’ve been giving this lots of thought, and here are the four things I’d like to focus on between now and March 4, 2020:

  • I’d like to play more, specifically with photography. Expect a few extra model calls this year on Facebook, because I’m learning that (at least for me!) one of the best ways to stay inspired is… you guessed it… to play. ❤️

  • I want to strengthen my listening skills. My aunt called me today to wish me a happy birthday. She is beautiful, adventurous, and hilarious, and I love every moment I’m with her, but on the phone I tend to talk a LOT due to nerves. Today, though, I closed my eyes and just listened. She told me a story that had us both giggling and left me smiling long after we hung up.

  • Appreciate my body. Not just accept it… appreciate it. Regardless of its state of elasticity or size. Lol. I know this is basically everyone’s goal. Mine too. Affirmations, here I come… 😂

  • Finish something big. I loooove starting projects. I’m an amazing project-starter. If there was a job for project-starters I would probably be a leader in the field. But finishing?!? That’s a whole different ball game. I want to know how it feels to truly FINISH something I’ve started. Right now I have my sights set on Sweet Shots… but am still firming up exactly what that means. I’ll try to keep you posted. 😉

I think those things may bring me a little closer to the way I want to feel about life at 40. In any case, it certainly won’t hurt to try, right?

365 days.

Here we go… ❤️

Bunny Sessions are Open!!!


Can you even believe it? It’s time to grab your 2019 bunny session!!! 😍

We have the most beautiful litter of baby mini lops coming to our studio this spring!!! For those who aren’t familiar with this, we offer these extra-special live bunny sessions every year... they are authentic, genuine sessions that capture the sweetness of your little ones as they interact with our darling bunnies. Every set of sessions has been more precious than the last…

We’re offering an especially limited number of bunny sessions this year because of my work at our kiddos’ school, but we are definitely still offering them! Here are the days we’ve planned:

March 9 | March 16 | April 6 | April 13

As ALWAYS, we do everything possible to make these sessions both safe and enjoyable for everyone… your children and our bunnies alike! :)

Here are the head  wreaths that will be available for clients to use this year should they wish! Aren’t they stunning?!?

Here are the head wreaths that will be available for clients to use this year should they wish! Aren’t they stunning?!?

  • Our bunnies are SO very loved (spoiled, in fact) from the moment they come into our care until the moment they are adopted into capable families or returned to our breeder at the end of the season. As a family, we’ve owned rabbits for years and are well-versed in the unique aspects of their care. We’ve communicated with and received approval from the Illinois Department of Agriculture for the use of live animals in these special sessions, and our business is fully licensed and properly insured for this event.

  • We have a full-time bunny handler at each and every session whose one and only job is to make sure that our bunnies are treated well and handled gently. We also carefully rotate them so that the bunnies get lots of breaks! Our first priority is the animals’ well-being and comfort.

  • All bunny session clients are required to read and sign a release stating their understanding that there will be live animals at the shoot and, as with any animal, there is the potential for a scratch, bite, or allergic reaction. These rabbits are fully domesticated and handled often, but they are animals and we ask our clients to be aware and respectful of this.

  • Bunny sessions are only for children, but siblings can all be photographed during the same session, individually and/or together.

Don’t Look Down

I’ve been quiet these past few months. Quiet here on the blog, often quiet on Facebook, quiet on Instagram… and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about why that could be…

I love photography. I love teaching photography, I love coaching photographers, and I love the art form and the freedom and the inspiration I feel behind my lens. I’ve had the privilege of teaching thousands of parents why good photography matters and how to make it happen. I’ve helped hundreds of photographers get their businesses off the ground. You’d think I’d be feeling less… well… less afraid these days.

But here I am, grappling with a fear that I’m usually stronger than: the fear of not being enough. Every time I raise my finger to click “Send Client Gallery,” my stomach goes into knots. No, really.

This summer I had a disappointed client who shared some feedback that was especially difficult to hear: “We hired you because, you know, we wanted ‘Amy Tripple’ pictures. But when we saw our gallery we were like ‘Meh.’ Honestly, we should have just asked one of the many photographers we know and paid half what we paid you…” The phone call lasted a long time and in the end the client had gotten the message across. There was no place for restoration. I had failed to deliver.

It’s not that I haven’t had unhappy clients before. It happens. It has to. It’s impossible to think that everyone sees such a subjective product in the same light, and I’ve been able to accept and even expect it as part of our livelihood. We always handle these situations with as much grace and thoughtfulness as possible. Why this one has been harder to let go I’m not 100% sure…

In her book “Big Magic,” Elizabeth Gilbert wrote that she dreaded writing her next book after “Eat, Pray, Love” because she was terrified she wouldn’t be able to stack up to… ready for this? Herself. And yet, her second book, “Big Magic” is one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read, and I know many who feel the same way. If Liz hadn’t bravely picked up her pen again to write this second book, I’m fairly certain countless lives (mine included) would be less fulfilling in many ways.

As we grow, so do the stakes. We raise our own bars higher and higher, expecting more of ourselves (and higher expectations of others) with each new level of growth and success. As our abilities increase, so does the distance we have to fall. And lately, all I seem to be able to say to myself is “Don’t look down.”

You guys, I’ve been so tempted to look down this year. I’ve been focusing more than usual on what the next painful phone call might bring, or how the next unhappy email might be worded. It’s all just been so scary, scary, scary… when it all should be some level of courageous and joyful. I coach photographers on how to move past these seasons, but I’ve been having trouble moving past my own. It’s a subject photographers rarely talk about but all experience if they’re committed to the field.

Anyway… a few days ago I was looking for a photo that I knew I’d posted on my FB photography page way back in 2010. It took a long time to scroll back through all the images, and as I did I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of genuine beauty I saw. Each image represented a touching, emotional moment that really, truly happened… one that meant something very special and had been snatched back from the edge of being forgotten. As I looked at each of over 1,500 photos, I remembered shooting every one. I remembered the emotion I experienced in every single time and place... and I felt courage and joy well back up inside me as though someone had simply turned the spigot back on. Just like that.

Why share all this? To be honest, I’m not completely sure. It’s possible that I’ve just written myself past the line of appropriate vulnerability, and if so, forgive me. I think I just wanted to pass on my experience as a reminder that so much of how we feel… of how we bring ourselves to the world… reflects what we’re choosing to focus on. Life settles back into balance when we pull our eyes away from the ground and onto what matters. This Thanksgiving, I will be focusing wholeheartedly on the joy of photographing you and your families when I think of my business. You’ve made me braver and stronger and I'm grateful now more than ever… it’s an honor to serve you and capture the connections you hold most dear.

All my love,

Some of the MANY pictures of you that grabbed my heart… couldn’t post them all or no one would get through them, lol…

Yoga at the Studio!


A therapist once told me that yoga is the only exercise that involves mind, body, and spirit, and in my experience this has always been true.

About a year ago one of my closest friends, Jeannette, began her journey of becoming a certified yoga instructor, and in January she earned her certificate. Once she became “official,” Jeannette began offering small classes to friends, which quickly (but not surprisingly) transformed into classes for friends-of-friends, because I’m telling you guys… she’s good.

I’m not just saying that. She’s really, really GOOD. Her instruction is detailed, fluid, encouraging, and easy to follow, but even more than that… the thoughtful, intentional meditations she shares each week have been so centering that I can honestly say it’s brought my anxiety to a new and manageable low. I’ve gotten physically and mentally stronger because of her instruction.

ANYway… here’s the big news:

Our Hinsdale studio is now the location for a number of her weekly yoga classes!!! I can’t begin to tell you how excited it makes me to know that others will be able to use the space to learn and practice yoga with Jeannette.


She’s just opened up registration for five classes. I have no doubt that they will all be wonderful, but there are two in particular that I want to tell you about because I am so excited about them:

  1. A 6 week yoga book club. YES A YOGA BOOK CLUB!!!!!! The morning one includes optional extra time at the end for coffee and socializing (love this). The evening one includes the same, except with wine (love this even more, hehe). I am signing up for the evening one because it will be amazing… anyone want to join me? I mean… how fun would that be?!? This one will be on Thursdays from 8:30 - 9:45 p.m. from November 1st - December 13th.

  2. A 6 week class for tween girls. Jeannette is amazing with girls this age and one of her passions is equipping them to believe in their incredible strength, both physically and emotionally. This class will be on Tuesdays from 4:15 - 5:30 p.m. It runs from October 20th to December 11th, and our tween girl will most definitely be attending. If you have a girl in the 11-14 year old range and you live nearby, take a look!

You can check out the rest of her classes on her website. I really think you’ll love what you see.


What to Wear...

Just a glimpse of one of Saturday morning’s minis.

This family NAILED it with the outfits, you guys. I mean… look at those stunning colors! I think what won me over, in the end, was the 3 year old’s shoes. Because: yellow. I love yellow sooooo much!!! And 3 year olds. And 14 month olds. And mamas in fabulous hats. And, of course, daddies with awesome attitudes.

All of it and everything. ❤️




WHAT a vacation. Honestly. The sights, smells, sounds... the entire experience, actually... left me speechless. If you've been there, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven't... you MUST go!!!

I've got so much to share about the trip and am planning to do a full blog post later this week, but right now there are a few important dates I want you to know about!


Lifestyle Mini Openings for this Saturday

This Saturday I have two Lifestyle Mini Sessions open, one at 6 and one at 6:30. These are some of the last opportunities this summer to try out one of these beautiful sessions, and sometimes last-minute is easier than fussing about it for months. Click here if you want to book one - I would LOVE to see you!!! 

Headshot Special Event this Wednesday

This Wednesday is the day to come visit if you need an updated headshot. We're doing quick, 15 minute sessions for $100... not a bad deal for a HUGE improvement of your online presence! <3 I kind of forgot to announce this earlier (just a quick mention on Facebook), so we've still got some openings if you want to take advantage of the opportunity! Click here to grab one!

Fall mini sessions opening on thursday!!!

Mark those calendars! On Thursday morning we'll be opening up the first round of fall mini sessions. I'll send out an email to announce when they're open for booking. Fall is, obviously, a very popular time for pictures, so if you plan to schedule a session this fall be sure to keep an eye out for that email! 

We'll be opening the following dates: September 8th, September 15th, October 6th, and October 27th. :)

And I can't leave you without one more picture. Stunning, stunning, stunning!!! I miss those pine trees and skyscraping peaks already...

grand tetons, amy tripple photography, yellowstone national park portraits.jpg

What's your gut? ❤️

When this mama reached out to me in an email, she shared that their family was expecting their fifth and final baby... and the one thing she knew was that she wanted to document this beautiful, special season of their family's life.

I really loved that. As a parent, there are seasons in life when you know, deep down, that the moments & feelings of your family should be captured just as they are, here and now, and without delay.  As a mom, I've done it myself... I've booked sessions on a whim, only to be deeply grateful years later that I followed my gut.

Saturday was a beautiful, beautiful day. ☀️ And this was a beautiful, beautiful family. ❤️ Without a doubt, we captured the essence of who they are as a family of six, almost seven, on a warm summer evening, 2018. The giggles, the love, the play, the joy... this family's "now" is safely chronicled for all time and for each one to cherish for always.

What does your gut say about this summer? If it's whispering "go for it," shoot me an email. I'll be right here waiting for ya. ❤️


It took about two hours and forty-three minutes for my kids to get bored this summer. And as ALL parents know, bored is just another name for "having a cranky rotten attitude insinuating that a parent is not doing all he or she can to provide the thrilling, moment-by-moment adventure children are fully entitled to each and every day between early June and late August."

Yup. Guilty as charged.  I am not the magic bubbling family fountainhead of fun and inspiration.

"Attitudes are contagious. Make yours worth catching..." &nbsp;LOLOL

"Attitudes are contagious. Make yours worth catching..."  LOLOL

This summer, though, we're trying something different. I'm not gonna lie - it's been amazing so far. It's called "KIDS SCHEDULE THEIR OWN FUN. ALSO CHORES". I found this idea on the blog "Thirty Handmade Days" - she even has a downloadable copy you can edit yourself. Perfection.

I tweaked it a bit for my kids and added a blank schedule to the page. Every evening they have to plan out the next day, making sure to include everything on the list. And then I have to approve it because I am a dictator. As you can see, they were thrilled with this idea. 😂😂😂

To help, the kids and I sat down and made a list of indoor and outdoor activities. That way, they aren't allowed to just schedule time to "play outside"... they have to be specific. Examples: "Ride my bike to the park", "Play with water balloons", or "Make shaving cream paint".


We came up with a bazillion fun ideas TOGETHER. See what I did there? They cannot complain about the activities because THEY CHOSE THEM.

Screen time comes AFTER all the other things have been finished. BOOM BABY.

Here's the craziest thing... they were less than thrilled when I introduced the idea, but now they love it. There have even been a few days that they skipped screens altogether because they ran out of time doing other fun, real-summer-activity-type things. As I type this, my kids are outside doing this (spying on them through the front window... lol):


Here's the list the kids and I came up with in case it's helpful to any other desperate summer parents out there... feel free to download it by clicking here or on the list below:

If an activity has a star by it, that means the link to the instructions for that activity can be found here. Special shout-out to a blog called "The Craft Train" where a decent number of these crafts are featured - it's an amazing resource!

Activity Links:

Make hot rocks
Create a tissue paper picture
Create a fuseball game
Make whirlygigs
Make cupcake liner flowers
Make a thumbprint dandelion picture
Make a yarn letter
Create craft stick butterfiles
Make giant dice
Learn to finger knit
Make a finger knit snake
Make clothespin bees
Make a paper towel garland
Make braided yarn dolls
Make bubbles
Play with chalk

Parting words: Being stocked up with materials has been KEY. Once we had all the activities listed out, we made a list of the things we'd need and headed straight for Dollar Tree. $44, the kids have what they need for a whole summer of fun activities... water balloons, craft paper, yarn, a bug catcher, pool noodles, marbles, crayons, craft sticks, string, clothespins... and I'm not running back and forth to the store to make it all happen.

Good luck my friends!!!