Please no more mugs... a to-the-point Mother's Day blog

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I'm gonna speak "dad" today... short, clear, and to-the-point:

Your wife wants something photography-related for Mother's Day. She just does.

Here's what we can hook you up with, dads:

  1. A gift certificate for a Lifestyle Mini Session (click here)
  2. A gift certificate for a Standard Session (click here)
  3. A gift certificate for a parent photography class (click here)
  4. A gift certificate for a One-on-One learning session (click here)

Each one is a perfect gift for Mother's Day because each one means she'll have beautiful pictures of her children, and images of her children are precious and timeless.

If you're not convinced, let's go ahead and examine some other options and see how they stack up:

  • Flowers: Precious but not timeless. 
  • Jewelry: Precious and timeless but won't go with every outfit.
  • Nice Outfit: Nope. Don't try to guess her size. Just no.
  • Handmade cards from your kids: Precious and kind-of timeless, but you should be having them make those anyway. Kind of a given.
  • Breakfast-in-bed: Has potential to be precious, but not timeless. And let's be honest... that one's really more about the kids than it is about the mom. Cute, but not typically of culinary quality. Note - for the love of all that is holy, for this to be a present YOU MUST clean up the kitchen when finished.
  • A Mug: Please no. This is rarely precious or timeless. Don't get her a mug.
  • Yummy treats: Always acceptable as a Mother's Day present. Especially macarons or similarly expensive cookies.

Just here to help you guys. ;)
We'll send beautiful gift certificates to whatever secret location you tell us to...
it's all part of the gift-certificate-buying process, right in the check-out.

She'll be thrilled. You'll be a hero.

The end.