Melissa's Back!!! (Wanna see the baby???)

So... in this blog post, I shared the maternity pictures of our amazing studio manager, Melissa. I also shared that we'd be downsizing left as we were planning to put a little more focus into the educational side of our business.

Welp. That didn't last long.

Turns out, Melissa is totally essential and worth her weight in gold. We knew it, of course, but we know it even more now, hahaha! She was so gracious to come back to us part-time and get going on emails, after we realized (yet again) that neither email nor timely communication lie in my arsenal of strengths. LOL

In the meantime, she went and had that baby. He is, without a doubt, the SWEETEST and CUTEST baby in the whole wide world. I am in love with him. You will be too. Take a peek:


And... I was privileged enough to get to visit these guys at the hospital during those first few precious days. I took this one and loved it enough to submit it to the NAPCP International Image Competition (National Association of Professional Child Photographers) and it placed!!! Because why wouldn't a baby with that kind of hair not place in an image competition??? Hehe.


So... feel free to wish her and her husband, Brad, congratulations on their GORGEOUS baby boy! And we can all rest a bit easier now that you'll be getting responses to your emails again. 😂

Also, this. Heaven help me. I will never get anything done at her house ever again...

amy and baby.jpg