A Big, Big Change! ❤️❤️❤️

Goodness, where do I even start?!?

Vine Academy  in action!

Vine Academy in action!

I think I'll start with this: I've talked quite a bit over the past few years (often on FB and Instagram) about my kiddos' school, Vine Academy in Hinsdale. We've been a part of the school for three years now and Jonathan and I are still shaking our heads at how incredible it's been for each of our three kids. There's a LOT more I could say about it (customized education, incredible focus on essential character traits, a spotlight on executive functioning skills...) but no one has time to read a novel today... 

I've had the privilege of becoming more and more involved in the school's inner-workings the past two years, and it's re-awakened the passion for education that I put aside 12 years ago when Annie came along. The chapter of owning and running Amy Tripple Photography began soon after, and (apart from family) it's been the most important part of my life for a VERY long time.


Can you guess where this is leading???

125 S. Vine Street in Hinsdale!

125 S. Vine Street in Hinsdale!

Deep breath. Here it is: I recently accepted a full-time administrative position at Vine Academy as the Head of Marketing, and I am SO excited. Also, nervous. But mostly excited 😄. It's the first time in twelve years that I've had a passion that's rivaled how I feel about photography. The idea of using my marketing, photography, and people skills to help this school reach more children makes my heart skip a beat. 

The most important thing I want you guys to know is this: I am NOT stopping photography!!! Honestly, I don't think it's possible that I ever could... But I will be scaling it back to make room for this new adventure, which is one of the main reasons I'm reaching out...

I thought it might be easiest to throw out some FAQ's that I've already gotten as I've talked with people about this...

FAQ's About This BIG Change

Are you quitting photography?

NO!!! Never. 😉 But I will be scaling back. What this means on a practical level is that I'll be shooting more in the summer, less in the fall, winter, and spring. Also, I'll be keeping my shooting schedule to Saturdays between mid-August and early June.

Is this why you're offering mini sessions?

It's been a big part of that decision for sure! Mini sessions allow me to see more of the clients I love and capture the connection that's so important to me, and they're all I'll be offering this fall. It also brings my prices down to an affordable range for many who wouldn't have been able to swing it before. It cuts down my travel time, which means I can be more efficient on Saturdays in the fall. They're a win-win on so many levels!

How do I make sure I get a session???

I am SO glad you asked!!! 😉 There won't be as many sessions available this fall, so we're hoping that some of our clients will consider booking a session this summer instead. Summer is an amazing time for a session, and pictures taken in the summer bring a burst of joy and sunshine to everyone on your holiday card list when it's time to put that card together.

We plan to open up our (much more limited) fall schedule this August, but right now there are still summer mini sessions open if you'd like grab one while they're available...

Changes around the corner... eeeek!!!

Changes around the corner... eeeek!!!

Are you burnt out? Is that why you're taking a new position?

Not at all. Over the years, my passion for photography has done nothing but grow; I adore capturing emotions and teaching others about the art of photography. That's why it's been both surprising and exciting to realize that I have another passion that's grown to parallel photography!

Will you be keeping your studio?

Yes! My Hinsdale studio is by far my favorite yet, and I'll definitely be keeping it for indoor sessions, classes, etc... which leads to...

Will you still be teaching classes and doing one-on-ones?

Yes again! Sharing the gift of photography is such an important part of my business, and it fits well into the middle of the days on Saturdays when I'm not shooting due to the sun being too high in the sky (for my liking, lol!).

What about bunny sessions???

Never fear my loves. Those will be happening too. ❤️🐰❤️ Not quite as many, though, so you'll want to keep a close eye out if you want to grab one this spring!


If you have any other questions for me, or want to book a full session this summer instead of a mini, please reach out!
I'd love to chat!