What's your gut? ❤️

When this mama reached out to me in an email, she shared that their family was expecting their fifth and final baby... and the one thing she knew was that she wanted to document this beautiful, special season of their family's life.

I really loved that. As a parent, there are seasons in life when you know, deep down, that the moments & feelings of your family should be captured just as they are, here and now, and without delay.  As a mom, I've done it myself... I've booked sessions on a whim, only to be deeply grateful years later that I followed my gut.

Saturday was a beautiful, beautiful day. ☀️ And this was a beautiful, beautiful family. ❤️ Without a doubt, we captured the essence of who they are as a family of six, almost seven, on a warm summer evening, 2018. The giggles, the love, the play, the joy... this family's "now" is safely chronicled for all time and for each one to cherish for always.

What does your gut say about this summer? If it's whispering "go for it," shoot me an email. I'll be right here waiting for ya. ❤️