Copy and Paste :)

Getting family pictures taken once a year is, for most of us, a high priority. As it should be. 😍

If you're anything like me, though, the thought of scheduling those pictures can seem a little overwhelming. There's SO much to think about!!! Vacation schedules, summer break dates, kids' nap schedules, what you'll wear... OMG the decisions!!! ALL THE THINGS!!!


Most of the times when I start to think about scheduling a session for our family, I tend to freeze and move onto something I have more control over, like loading the dishwasher or petting my dogs or staring out the window at that squirrel on the back fence. Like, how does he even run so fast without falling off? HOW??? If it were me running on that fence could I do it? Would the neighbors notice? Important things to consider.

Here's the thing. If you know you want to schedule a photo session sometime in the next few months, all you have to do is hit "reply."

It's called getting the ball rolling, and it's all you have to do.

Literally... you can write "Amy, we want to do a photo session..." and I will take it from there.

That's it. That's all you gotta do guys.

To Review:

Step 1: Copy this - Amy, we want to do a photo session.
Step 2: Open an email, address it to
Step 3: Hit "paste".
Step 4: Hit "send".

I'm just here to help... and, you know, capture the essence your sweet babies' through photography so you can hold onto their preciousness forever. 😉 Hope to see you SOON loves!!!

What's that? You want to see some pictures? Ok then... here are a few sure to brighten your day. Let's go with a black-and-white dad theme today, shall we? These were all taken within the past 2 weeks during Lifestyle Mini Sessions. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'... 😍😍😍