Bunny Sessions are Open!!!


Can you even believe it? It’s time to grab your 2019 bunny session!!! 😍

We have the most beautiful litter of baby mini lops coming to our studio this spring!!! For those who aren’t familiar with this, we offer these extra-special live bunny sessions every year... they are authentic, genuine sessions that capture the sweetness of your little ones as they interact with our darling bunnies. Every set of sessions has been more precious than the last…

We’re offering an especially limited number of bunny sessions this year because of my work at our kiddos’ school, but we are definitely still offering them! Here are the days we’ve planned:

March 9 | March 16 | April 6 | April 13

As ALWAYS, we do everything possible to make these sessions both safe and enjoyable for everyone… your children and our bunnies alike! :)

Here are the head  wreaths that will be available for clients to use this year should they wish! Aren’t they stunning?!?

Here are the head wreaths that will be available for clients to use this year should they wish! Aren’t they stunning?!?

  • Our bunnies are SO very loved (spoiled, in fact) from the moment they come into our care until the moment they are adopted into capable families or returned to our breeder at the end of the season. As a family, we’ve owned rabbits for years and are well-versed in the unique aspects of their care. We’ve communicated with and received approval from the Illinois Department of Agriculture for the use of live animals in these special sessions, and our business is fully licensed and properly insured for this event.

  • We have a full-time bunny handler at each and every session whose one and only job is to make sure that our bunnies are treated well and handled gently. We also carefully rotate them so that the bunnies get lots of breaks! Our first priority is the animals’ well-being and comfort.

  • All bunny session clients are required to read and sign a release stating their understanding that there will be live animals at the shoot and, as with any animal, there is the potential for a scratch, bite, or allergic reaction. These rabbits are fully domesticated and handled often, but they are animals and we ask our clients to be aware and respectful of this.

  • Bunny sessions are only for children, but siblings can all be photographed during the same session, individually and/or together.