It's my birthday!!! EEEEEK!!!

Guys. It’s my birthday. 🎉🎉🎉

And it’s not just any birthday… it’s the big THREE-NINE. And (please feel free to begin rolling on the floor laughing right now) I’m freaking out a little.


Hahaha, I know. Those of you who are already in your 40’s and beyond are like, “GIRL! Your 40’s are amazing! You will come into your own and LOVE how you feel about your life.” I know. Thank you. I’ve heard.

But… I don’t know… I guess it’s just that 40 is RIGHT THERE. I can touch it. My “young years” are waning faster than a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos in a room full of middle schoolers. I. Am. Thirty nine. Mom-ing it up in my white Honda Odyssey, feeling ever-so-25 yet feigning surprise at my mom’s reflection every time I pass a shop window. The final chapter of my youth is upon me, and no amount of fast-acting retinol cream can slow this train down.

So it’s time to make peace with this thing called age. Time to do the work. Time to practice gratefulness and focus on a few things that matter more than my fear of growing older. I’ve been giving this lots of thought, and here are the four things I’d like to focus on between now and March 4, 2020:

  • I’d like to play more, specifically with photography. Expect a few extra model calls this year on Facebook, because I’m learning that (at least for me!) one of the best ways to stay inspired is… you guessed it… to play. ❤️

  • I want to strengthen my listening skills. My aunt called me today to wish me a happy birthday. She is beautiful, adventurous, and hilarious, and I love every moment I’m with her, but on the phone I tend to talk a LOT due to nerves. Today, though, I closed my eyes and just listened. She told me a story that had us both giggling and left me smiling long after we hung up.

  • Appreciate my body. Not just accept it… appreciate it. Regardless of its state of elasticity or size. Lol. I know this is basically everyone’s goal. Mine too. Affirmations, here I come… 😂

  • Finish something big. I loooove starting projects. I’m an amazing project-starter. If there was a job for project-starters I would probably be a leader in the field. But finishing?!? That’s a whole different ball game. I want to know how it feels to truly FINISH something I’ve started. Right now I have my sights set on Sweet Shots… but am still firming up exactly what that means. I’ll try to keep you posted. 😉

I think those things may bring me a little closer to the way I want to feel about life at 40. In any case, it certainly won’t hurt to try, right?

365 days.

Here we go… ❤️