Custom One-on-One Learning Session


Custom One-on-One Learning Session


Meet with Amy in-person or on Skype by the hour to discuss exactly what you want to learn most! There's no limit to what can be addressed and no holding back, which means you'll walk away with enriched knowledge and a plan for moving forward.

Choose how many hours you'd like to work with Amy:

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One-on-ones are a lot like having coffee with a friend... and learning about the amazing subject of photography at the same time! Many photographers choose to travel to Chicago for a day (or two!) of one-on-one mentoring, although local photographers and parents are welcome!

Many people choose to work with Amy!

  • New camera owners
  • Professional photographers who value working with a mentor
  • Those interested in learning how to edit in Photoshop
  • Professional photographers looking to make more money with their business
  • Parents hoping to take better pictures of their children
  • Parents who want to capture amazing images on their upcoming vacation
  • People looking for guidance in starting their own photography businesses
  • Grandparents who've taken up the hobby of photography
  • Those who are trying to hone a specific photography skill (examples: focus, white balance, capturing moving subjects, etc...)

Amy's covered a wide range of subjects with her one-on-one students from near and far, including but not limited to:

  • New camera lessons
  • Achieving beautiful background blur
  • Making the most of your camera phone
  • Getting tack-sharp focus
  • Interacting with subjects for authentic connections
  • Editing in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
  • Starting a photography business
  • Strengthening your photography business
  • Marketing and advertising your photography business for increased visibility and profit

For in-person one-on-one sessions, we offer the option to include a live model or model family.

  • A minimum of two hours is required for model eligibility
  • Models are $50 in addition to the hourly fee
  • Many participants choose to use their own children as models (5-7 edited images are given to models for participation.. meaning you can create your own "mini-session" by booking 2 or more hours and using your children as models)

Want to team up with a friend or two to meet with Amy? 2 or more participants are $100 each person, per hour.

Most one-on-ones take place at Amy's Hinsdale studio, although Amy is happy to travel to your home or other location as long as it's within 5 miles of Hinsdale, IL. For distances farther than 5 miles, please contact us for a quote!