• Hi there, I'm Amy. Wife of one, mama of three, & lover of everyday beauty, loose-leaf tea, Irish Setters, and brand new days. :)

    I began my journey as a photographer armed with an entry-level DSLR & a passion for capturing the hearts of people... nine years later, my husband and I run a full-time photography business, gratefully serving the most fabulous families in Chicago and beyond.

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shootalong1People often ask me about my photography education. Was I an art major in college? Have I been to photography workshops? Did I take classes?

The answer to each of these questions is a great big NOPE. My education came in the form of raw experience, mistakes, and the almighty Google. True story.

It took me YEARS to understand the ins-and-outs of my camera. YEARS to be proud of the images I was taking. YEARS to feel as though my camera could help me express the stories I was trying to tell.

Fast forward to now…

We offer a photography project called Shoot Along and it’s the bomb. It’s for parents with DSLRs who want to take great pictures of their kids.

You guys, there’s no other way to say this:

If I’d participated in something like Shoot Along when I’d first owned my DSLR, I would have waited on pins and needles for every single lesson. This kind of thing would have been right up my alley. I would have grown SO MUCH FASTER, and avoided endless mistakes.

Please… will you take a look at the Shoot Along website to learn more? Thank you so much for checking it out… I really think you’ll love it!

And as an extra little bonus, you can take 10% off the registration fee by using this code: 2I2Y7GE 


PS… Shoot Along is something a lot of our current members received as a gift during last year’s holiday season. Sooooo… maybe send this email along to your own personal Santa? In my experience, gift-givers can’t have too many hints… ;)



I know I always want to hear what other people think of something before I buy it. Our members have LOVED the project. Here’s some of their feedback:

  • “Participating in Shoot Along has awakened something creatively in me that had been dormant for a while.  Quite possibly the best money I have ever spent.”
  • “It’s been fun to see my work progress from what I thought was “pretty good” into something that continues to get better and better. I now have a collection of beautiful photos of my family that I’ll cherish forever!”
  • “I loved the weekly updates. So helpful for me as a newbie.”
  • “The project has allowed me to capture experiences of my family that tells a story of who we are.”
  • “I feel like I have such a better understanding of what goes into making a great image, from the basics of focus and composition to more artistic elements such as framing and color and texture.”
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Winner winner!!!

There were 157 of you all, total, who entered to win two seats to our November 2nd Sweet Shots class! Our winner, chosen completely at random (random.org), is…

Lindsey Zucker!!!

Lindsey, shoot us an email and we’ll get you and your friend registered for our next Sweet Shots level I class!


To everyone else… there are still some openings, and these next two classes (November 2nd and 16th) fall at a REALLY wonderful time in the year, because there’s nothing like capturing beautiful pictures of your kiddos around the holidays!

I hope I’ll see some of you there! To sign up, click the button below!



And finally… fall sessions have been rolling along! Every weekend I see more beautiful families… some old, some new… ALL ADORABLE!


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Ok… we’re approaching a VERY special one-year anniversary here at Amy Tripple Photography… but first, let me just say that time has FLOWN this year!!! Between life and the Tyranny of the Urgent, I seriously cannot believe that I haven’t formally introduced you to our amazing studio manager, Melissa!!!

Heaven knows where we’d be without her. If you’ve worked with us at all in the past year, you’ve had the opportunity to experience her super-speedy responses, kind-hearted emails or phone calls, and mad scheduling skills. And while these things may seem simple to the outsider, the grace she maintains while spinning SO MANY plates is honestly remarkable.

If you really want to know the secret, Melissa is the boss around here. :) She keeps me in-check BIG TIME, and is our front line whenever clients have questions about basically anything. She knows the answers to all your questions, often better than I do, and and is seriously the person to sugar-talk to if you need anything. Period.

I could tell you so much more about this amazing woman, but I’m going to let her words do some of the talking! I interviewed her last week and here’s what I’ve got to share:


What’s your favorite book?

I have too many to list! But most recently, “All The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. Although the story itself is beautiful, it’s the imagery that I find truly captivating. I love the poetry he uses in describing every detail – suddenly changing the mundane moments into a completely magical experience. You find yourself lost in the streets of a coastal village in France. I’m almost certain I smelled sea salt in the air at one point while reading. It’s absolutely stunning!

What’s your favorite way to relax?
(because heaven knows she needs to after working with me some days, LOL!)

Lighting a candle (Illume Pineapple Cilantro is summer in a candle and the best), putting on whatever Spotify playlist feels right (Oh Honey, Civil Wars and The Head and The Heart today) and working on an art/decor project of some sort. I’m trying to teach myself watercolor techniques at the moment and it’s definitely pushing me outside my comfort zone!

What’s your favorite splurge?

Jewelry and accessories! Discovering both small-batch artists as well as fair-trade companies is one of my favorite things. It doesn’t feel like a splurge if that new necklace just helped a woman put food on her family’s table. I’ve actually found quite a few artists and companies just through Instagram!

What’s your favorite place?

As much as I enjoy road trips and exploring the country, the beach will forever be my happy place. My mom, sister and I often woke up at 6am on vacation to walk the beach and see what treasures the evening tide had left behind. That’s stayed with me over the years. After almost 4 yrs of marriage, my husband has learned that when I ask him to walk on the beach with me what I really mean is, “Let’s walk 5 feet so I can stop and look at these shells” on repeat for an hour. Sometimes he still says yes! That’s love.

What’s your favorite restaurant?

My favorite appetizer is the Bang Bang shrimp at Bonefish Grill, Mexican street tacos from hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants (Los Dos, Taco Grill and Salsa Bar) and dessert has to be the Dulce de Leche cheescake at The Cheesecake Factory but in combo that sounds pretty terrible.

What’s your favorite drink at Starbucks?
(essential information for anyone wanting to get on her good side, LOL!)

Summer: Iced chai with soy milk
Winter: Soy Chai with pumpkin – sooo good!

Rumor has it they’re finally getting almond mild and a chai with almond milk is actually the way to my heart (and probably my wallet). Coffee makes my heart flutter in all the wrong ways.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Every day is different! Sometimes I’m picking up flowers for a commercial shoot or socializing (read: snuggling) baby bunnies. My favorite days are those spent working with Amy at her house or mine. Tea and lots of laughter are typically involved as we talk about life while we work. Just last week I was floored by the “eye-dropping” scenery from one of her sessions and I told her exactly that. Can you imagine what a horrifying scene that would be?!

Mital Blog Collage 1

Also: they just adopted the most amazing rescue dog in the world. His name is Horton which I believe says it all. I am his god-mother. He is my god-dog. And no, that isn’t weird at all… if you knew him you would TOTALLY get it. ;)


Mital Blog Collage 5

Mital Blog Collage 6
Mital Blog Collage 2Mital Blog Collage 3Mital Blog Collage 4

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“The secret of having it all
is believing you already do.”

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  • Brandy Walsh - I could not possibly love these more!!!! Thank you so much, Amy, for sharing your talent and your time with my family!!! What a blessing you are!! ((((Hugs)))ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - Hello, These photos are so amazing. I love the little girl’s dress. Can you share where that was purchased? Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • Brandy Walsh - Thank you!!! I had her dress custom made by DelaneyGrace Boutique. You kind find her on Facebook. Very easy to work with, had it within a week, and extremely well priced considering its custom made- no two dresses alike unless you specially request.ReplyCancel

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